Paul - Vox and Guitar



Age: 24

I have been in a few bands throughout the years before Colour Trap was started and in this time I have been developing my sound and writing. When we started Colour Trap I saw it as an opportunity to utilise some of the songs I had written but never done anything with which started with “Something’s Comin’ Over Me”. I got the feeling from the beginning that we could be on to something and the boys were very eager to see what other songs I could produce. If this is just the beginning for us then the futures looking interesting.


I am very much influenced by Noel Gallagher and have loved everything from Oasis until Now. Other acts such as Kasabian, Paul Weller, The Who, The Beatles and the Stone Roses are artists that I also look up to and admire. As far as I am concerned, they have connected with the masses on a whole new level as they are just normal guys playing music which is why I think every normal average Joe can listen and just get it. It’s not necessarily the most complex of stuff but its set me on my way as a song writer.


Graeme - Guitar


Age:  25

I started Colour Trap. I have known Paul for many years – we studied music together and played in some previous bands, and we also shared a flat where we set up a small rough recording studio in one of the rooms. This gave us the opportunity to start working on original recordings where we could hone our production skills and mainly still do something with music whilst we both were looking for our next band. I was put in contact with Nathan through a mutual friend and was told that he’d be up for getting in a practice room with us and really just seeing what would happen. Dean, although the newest member, I have known since childhood and when I thought about who I would want in and that has the skills to back it, I knew he’d be perfect. Having been in other bands with Paul I know he’ll agree when i say that when we start playing together and it locks in just right, there’s this thing that just happens that I haven’t felt in any other band. Almost like Something’s Comin’ Over Me……….


The 60’s are gone the dope will never be as cheap, the sex never as free and Rock’N’Roll never as great – Abbie Hoffman

Most Listened to; 

 The Rollings Stones, The Doors, The Beatles,The Blues, Aerosmith, Paul Weller, Noel Gallagher, Rod Stewart , Johnny Cash, The Who


Dean - Bass


Age: 24

Main Gear: Warwick Streamer Standard

I’m a quiet guy and a self taught bass-geek. Having known Graeme since the beginning of High School, I joined the band earlier this year after a line up change, and got to work quickly learning the existing songs. I have found myself starting to contribute more creatively, and I’m now working on other responsibilities such as video editing, which I am more than happy to do.

Influences: As a bass player my ever growing personal influences are fairly far reaching; encompassing a diverse range of artists from Jamiroquai to Metallica, and solo/session virtuosos like Victor Wooten and Marcus Miller. In Colour Trap influences are taken more from a “light rock” vein, with the goal to support and round out the band’s own existing, definite sound.


Nathan - Drums


Age : 23

Influences – Coming from a slightly different background from the other members I grew up listening to a lot of desert rock and psychedelic bands. This means my drumming style may differ from other drummers in this genre which only adds to Colour Trap’s unique sound. Queens of the Stone Age and Led Zeppelin are major influences when it comes to my drumming style.

Drum set up – Using a vintage Premier Black Shadow drum kit, I like to drum using a minimal approach. Keeping it to one rack tom, one floor tom and of course a snare and bass drum. I use two crash cymbals, one ride and high hats. Zildjian and Sabian are brands that I use.

Colour Trap has been my first proper serious band. I have previously helped out other bands for small periods of time and been involved in other smaller scale projects, but I think Colour Trap have a big future ahead of us, and we have only just started to write it.