Electric Circus review

Following our show at Edinburgh’s Electric Circus on July 9th, the venues Events Manager Paige gave us a brilliant little review. Our thanks to Paige for the slot and review, and to everyone who came along on the night. We return to the Circus on 15th of October in support of Silver Coast – see our gig list for details. Review below:


Colour Trap racked up so much energy and anticipation for the gig and were given the headline slot for the night.
After two blistering support acts, Colour Trap took to the stage bringing with them a crowd much like the Pied Piper would. You could feel the excitement in the crowd mingled with the heat and humidity of the summer night.
Colour Trap rocked the stage at the Circus. Having only heard them on Soundcloud, I was blown away by their live set. They are one of those bands that you just have to hear live. The smooth velvety tones of Paul’s voice combined with the skilled and sublime notes played on his guitar were just lustrous. Graeme and Dean played up a storm with Nathan playing the drums with the passion that you would expect of a great drummer. Each musician played so perfectly and had such a great connection to the crowd, it was amazing to watch.
Song after song, their set was immaculate. The crowd loved every minute of it and so did the staff at the Circus. They played an amazing 40 minutes of rocking unique music that the Edinburgh music scene needed. They weren’t given much chance to wipe the sweat from their brows when the crowd began chanting for one more song. They gave in and played one final blistering song to bring the night to an end.
I have to say I feel privileged to have worked with them and that I got to book them. I hope to work with them again in the future and would never hesitate to have them on our stage at the Circus.
Paige Mullins
Events Manager & Live Assistant